We assist you in addressing every kind of issue throughout the food value chain. This includes trend research, innovation management, production processes, marketing, sensory evaluation, wholesaling and retailing, and consumer behaviour.

Research and development

Cooperative research

You conduct a research project together with us, involving further external partners if appropriate. The participants share the costs. Such projects often receive public-sector grants, e.g. from:

or other institutions.

Contract research

You commission us with a specific research contract and we develop a practically viable and scientifically sound solution that meets your requirements – at normal market rates.

Consulting services

Utilise for your specific needs the know-how and experience we have gathered in our teaching and research. Our solutions are innovative and closely tailored to your concerns. Our services include evaluations and analyses. We charge normal market rates.


Pilot Plant

We have at our disposal a superbly equipped complex occupying around 550 square metres, which provides every facility especially for processing fluids and powders. There are annual project-related upgrades to the machinery, so that we can respond to project-specific requirements and industry developments.

Analysis laboratories

We have several laboratories available, especially to provide instrumental support to process and product developments. The focus is on optical, physical analysis and on instrumental analysis of separation methods. We can also employ basic equipment for wet chemical analysis.

3D micro-extrusion laboratory

3D micro-extrusion procedures (‘3D printing’) based on fused deposition modelling processes allow not only rapid prototyping for machine components but also the development of processes and product concepts for food (seven systems in all). From early 2019 a continuously working system for the manufacture of food product samples in larger numbers will be available.

Sensory laboratory

The sensory properties of products can be evaluated under controlled conditions in our sensory laboratory. The laboratory has eleven test booths (ISO 8589:2007) equipped with FIZZ sensory software and with red and green lighting that can be used to mask visual differences if appropriate to the test.

Student theses

Innovation and research are vital in order to meet the diverse requirements of consumers in dynamic food markets. In their semester, BSc or MSc theses our students address the questions arising in your company. This involves expert supervision by our staff. You thus profit from the expertise and experience of both the students and lecturers.

Teaching + Continuing education

The food sector needs to be exceedingly innovative. To meet consumer requirements, companies operating in the sector must continuously develop novelty products. This places special demands upon their executives, who have to stay at the cutting edge while enhancing and broadening their capabilities.