Dr. Mélanie Feurer


Dr. Mélanie Feurer Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften HAFL
    Fachbereich Waldwissenschaften
    Länggasse 85
    3052 Zollikofen


  • Switzerland's role in deforestation-free supply chains and the EUDR

  • Policy scenarios for ecosystem services in Myanmar

  • Modelling ecosystem services in a forest frontier landscape in Tanintharyi Region

  • Pinoy Tannin - Extracting tannins from tree biomass of locally adapted agroforestry systems for application in the plywood industry and enhanced livelihoods of local communities in the Philippines

  • Forest landscape restoration - Updating the global Forest Landscape Restoration guidelines

  • Promoting smallholder forest landscape restoration in West Africa

  • AFF-HAFL scholarship program - Supporting scholarships for MSc students in International Forestry and building a network of young professionals engaged in the African Forest Forum


  • Fromm I, Feurer M, Mengel S, 2020. Sustainable palm oil production in Honduras: Myth or reality? International Review of Modern Sociology, 46 (1-2), 79-101