Prof. Dr. Klazine Van der Horst


Prof. Dr. Klazine Van der Horst Leiterin aF&E Ernährung und Diätetik

  • Contact hours Monday
  • Address Berner Fachhochschule
    School of Health Professions
    Fachbereich Ernährung und Diätetik
    Finkenhubelweg 11
    3012 Bern


  • Head of the Research Committee Department of Health Professions

  • Head of Research Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Children's eating behaviors

  • Determinants of eating behaviors

  • Dietary intake studies

  • Nutrition communication and food labeling


  • Bsc and Msc Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Msc Food Nutrition and Health (HAFL)

  • Public Health Nutrition (Bsc, Msc)

  • Health Promotion and Prevention (Bsc)

  • Patient communication, Bsc Medicine, Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands (2007/2008)

  • Food & Consumer Behavior, Msc Food Science, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (2009-2011)

  • Dietary intake and Consumer Behavior, Master of Gastronomy, Basque Culinary Center, San Sebastian, Spain (2017)


  • Children's Eating Behaviors

  • Influence of cooking and cooking skills on behavior and health

  • Behavior change and interventions

  • Dietary Intake studies

  • Nutrition communication for diverse groups

  • Nutrition labeling


  • 06/2018 Head aR&D Nutrition and Dietetics Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • 02/2017-05/2018 Goup Leader Dietary Intake Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne
  • 06/2013-01/2017 Senior Scientist Public Health Nutrition & Project Manager Sustainable Nutrition Research Program Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne
  • 09/2011-05/2013 Scientist Consumer Behavior Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne
  • 12/2018-08/2011 Post-doctoral Scientist Consumer Behavior ETH Zürich
  • 05/2008-11/2008 Post-doctoral Scientist Erasmus University Medical Center, Department of Public Health, Rotterdam
  • 08/2004-04/2008 PhD Erasmus University Medical Center, Department of Public Health, Rotterdam
  • 01/2003-07/2004 Junior researcher VU Medical Center, Department of Social Medicine, EMGO Institute, Amsterdam
  • 07.09.2009 PhD: ENDORSE Environmental Determinants of Overweight in Rotterdam Schoolchildren. Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2006 Msc Public Health Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam
  • 2003 Msc Health Sciences, Health Education & Health promotion Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  • 2001 Bsc Nutrition & Dietetics University of Applied Sciences (HAN), Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • 2016 - Nestlé Micro MBA Program – 50% of ECTS points
  • 2016 - Certified trainer Leadership Development ‘Intent-Based Leadership”
  • 2012/13 - Project Management. Introduction and practitioners trainings.
  • 2006 - Theory construction and statistical modeling, Utrecht University, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands




Supervised theses

  • Ilona Gaspar, MAS Health and Nutrition ETH Zürich Perceptions of Children’s Nutrition Education in Switzerland: A Qualitative Study 2020

  • Sonja Schönberg, Msc Food Nutrition & Health Validity and inter-rater reliability of the Home-Cooking EnviRonment and equipment Inventory Observation Form (Home-CookERITM) 2020

  • Valentina Langa, Msc Food Nutrition & Health Eating behaviours in Toddlers: An Analysis of Eating Occasion Variables on Eating Rate 2020

  • Michele Serra, Msc Food Nutrition & Health De nutricatione in senectute A quantitative and qualitative analysis of the experience of mealtimes in senior centres 2019

  • Raha Rajaei, Msc Food Nutrition & Health Complementary food consumed by children 6-23 months and po-tential factors associated with their diet in Dessie Zuria District, Northern Ethiopia 2019

  • Veronica Ortiz-Pinchetti Vargas (ETH Zürich) Consumers’ reasons and attitudes towards vitamins and mineral supplements consumption in Switzerland 2011

  • Nina Ulrich (ETH Zürich) Einfluss der Eltern-Kind-Kommunikation auf das Essverhalten des Kindes 2010

  • Kathrin Rapp Schürmann (ETH Zürich) Übergewicht bei älteren Adoleszenten in der Schweiz: Grundlagen für Präventionsstrategien 2009