Kids Cooking@Home - A mobile cooking intervention for children

How can we promote healthy eating habits in children? This project evaluates cooking participation as a method to help children learn to eat healthy foods.



Of course, parents play an important role in the development of their children's eating habits. In contrast, most interventions on children’s eating behavior are conducted in the school setting. What we can learn from these interventions is that involving children in activities such as gardening and meal preparation helps to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in children. This is therefore also a promising strategy for home-based interventions.

Course of action

The aim of this project is to explore the effect if involving children in meal preparation in a feasibility study. In this project the relevant tools (Web-App and Recipes) are developed and tested for a home setting so that they can be improved and used in future projects if the program shows to be effective. In the intervention group children receive and prepare a weekly recipe. In the control group the parents will prepare the meals for their child following the same recipes.

Looking ahead

The basic web-app can be further developed to reach out to parents and children of various age groups to provide recipes to involve children in cooking and stimulate healthy eating patterns.