APP Insel Gruppe

Interprofessional innovation driver by BFH and Insel Gruppe

BFH’s Department of Health Professions has had an academic and practice partnership (APP) with the Department of Nursing at Insel Gruppe since April 2018. Within this APP, both parties take advantage of synergies in research, practice development, training and continuing education in the areas of nutrition and dietetics, midwifery, nursing and physiotherapy and in an interdisciplinary capacity, in collaboration with other members of the healthcare industry.

The APP is dedicated in particular to the principles of innovation, scientific rigour, interprofessionality and practical relevance.

Projects looking at care models across the patient journey generate healthcare benefits for the general population. The focus is on patients and their families. The interprofessional collaboration between the four different disciplines appeals to researchers, employees and students alike.

The APP team is made up of BFH and Insel Gruppe employees from different fields and with different (practical) backgrounds, meaning it is itself an interprofessional group with a strong practical focus.

APP focuses on innovative topics with practical relevance. Projects are currently being carried out in the following interdisciplinary areas in particular:

  • Practice development/new care models (role of academia and practice)
  • Technology/digitalisation
  • Sport/exercise/nutrition
  • Psychosocial health

Research projects

Resuming a normal diet via oral feeding following pancreatic surgery (part one)

‘Enhanced recovery after surgery’ (ERAS) is a multimodal treatment concept that aims, among other things, to help patients resume a normal diet as soon as possible after surgery.

Pilot project: first-contact physiotherapy in the intensive care unit

This pilot project is introducing first-contact physiotherapy in the intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Bern (Inselspital) and analysing this care model.

Implementation and optimisation of the Swiss interprofessionality evaluation system SIPEI

Interprofessionality is highly relevant in the healthcare sector. This project explores interprofessional collaboration in different areas of medical intervention and at different institutions.

Evaluation of C-sections with a viewing window

The University Hospital of Bern’s obstetrics department now offers pregnant women and their partners the option of witnessing the C-section operation through a viewing window in the sterile surgical curtain, so they can see their child being born. This project evaluates the satisfaction of former patients with their birth experience via C-section with a viewing window.

The role of interprofessional collaboration (IPC) in intersection management for patients in complex circumstances

Interprofessional intersections across the patient journey are analysed based on complex case studies. The current situation is analysed along with options for the optimisation of IPC.