Surgery personel in the operating room

There is no data available on work-related health aspects of surgery personel. The interdisciplinary synergies between BFH and Inselspital, University Hospital Bern are used to gain further insight.



1. Evaluation of musculoskeletal complaints of surgery personel. 2. analysis of effects of a work-integrated stochastic whole body vibration intervention

Course of action

Surgery personnel in the operating room are exposed to a variety of long-term static postures during work. The project evaluates accompanying health related aspects.


Results show, that six weeks of stochastic resonance therapy in the workplace setting of surgery personnel was not able to reduce musculoskeletal pain. Nevertheless statistically significant effects on wellbeing could be observers. These effect were of small magnitude. Clinical relevance is therefore debatable. Beside that important cooperations with University partners could be established

Looking ahead

The projects aims to initiate further projects on work-related health aspects in health profession cohorts. The network with the Inselspital is to be extended. Further project proposals are planned.