IdentityBrIDge to simplify identity information exchange

07.03.2023 In order to enable companies to exchange identity information efficiently, researchers at BFH are developing a generic solution in the IdentityBrIDge project that can transfer information easily, automatically and securely. The prototype is being developed in cooperation with PostFinance and SBB.

When identity information is exchanged between companies, this process is largely electronic. However, some steps are often still performed manually, resulting in high indirect costs. In order to be able to handle this exchange of information more efficiently in the future, researchers from the Institute for Data Applications and Security IDAS at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH are developing IdentityBrIDge, a generic solution that can transfer identity information from one company to another simply, automatically and without media discontinuity. IdentityBrIDge is designed to guarantee information security as well as traceability, non-repudiation and auditability in the regulation-compliant handling of business processes. The protection of the data and privacy of the persons involved will be ensured on an industry and process specific basis. The planned prototype, which is being developed in cooperation with partners of PostFinance and SBB, will be made available to all interested parties as an open source project.

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