Two BFH start-ups receive BRIDGE funding

19.12.2023 Two start-ups from Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH have successfully applied for the BRIDGE funding scheme, which is supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency and the Swiss National Foundation SNSF.

The start-ups Microcyte and eClimber, which are both affiliated to the Institute for Human Centered Engineering, were able to secure funding for one year through the “BRIDGE Proof of Concept” funding scheme. The scheme is aimed specifically at young researchers who want to transfer their research into a social or commercial innovation project. In the case of Microcyte, the idea is to use a new diagnostic device to make blood analyses available wherever they are needed and at an affordable price. The start-up eClimber aims to give as many people as possible access to climbing - including people who are unable to climb independently due to paraplegia, severe obesity or sensorimotor disorders. This is where the eClimber comes into play by securing the person climbing while actively supporting them with the help of an automatic weight counterbalance.

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