Over 100 research associates, doctoral students and lecturers from the fields of engineering, IT, medical informatics, sport, medicine and healthcare work on application-led research and development at the BFH Centre for Health Technologies. The following reference projects provide an overview of our services:

Reference projects

Intelligent athletics track

The department Engineering and Information Technology, the Swiss Federal Institute Sport Magglingen SFISM and the Swiss manufacturer and supplier of athletics tracks and sports flooring Conica plan to develop and test the feasibility of an intelligent athletics track within the framework of an Innovation cheque. Key parameters of athletes will be assessed during training by tactile sensors embedded in the track. The athletes will therefore not have to carry them. The intelligent athletics track enables objective, real-time feedback to the trainers and athletes.

Lokomat: robot for gait rehabilitation

Gait rehabilitation robots allow severely disabled people to participate in fitness training. During a randomised controlled trial, we observed a significant and rapid increase in the fitness of severely impaired stroke patients who trained on a Lokomat system enhanced with biofeedback and control systems.

Recumbent bicycle

Functional electro-stimulation enables people who have become paralysed as a result of spinal cord injuries to operate a recumbent bicycle with their own muscle power, strengthening heart, lungs and muscles in the process.

Oesophageal ECG recorder

3D mapping system for ECT signals from the oesophagus as a diagnostic aid in cases of cardiac arrhythmia.