Institute for Human Centered Engineering – Laboratory for Computer Perception and Virtual Reality

The know-how of our laboratory for computer perception and virtual reality (HuCE-cpvrLab) includes software development in the field of digital image processing and image analysis as well as virtual & augmented reality applications.

Our Laboratory

Medical technology application
Our research laboratory focuses its applied research & development on the analysis of image and video data as well as on the visualization of 3D data and interaction in virtual space. Using the latest visualisation techniques, complex data can be processed in a novel way and made intuitively accessible.


The HuCE-cpvrLab offers the following services in our specialty fields:

  • Innosuisse funded projects 
  • Direct service projects
  • Organisation & supervision of student projects from the industry
  • External lectures and demonstrations


Our most important specialties are: 

  • High performance image processing applications 
  • 3D computer graphics applications 
  • Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Applications
  • 3D mesh processing applications 
  • Native software development for all mobile & desktop operating systems
  • Machine Learning Applications


We are equipped with the latest hardware for our projects:

  • Latest VR & AR glasses from Valve, Oculus, Microsoft & Google
  • 4-Wall CAVE for Virtual Reality Projections with several people
  • High Performance Workstations
  • Nvidia DGX Station for the training of machine learning applications
  • Motion Capturing System for whole body motion analysis
  • Various camera systems for machine vision applications
  • Green Screen Video Studio
  • 3D haptic input devices


Contact us or meet our technical experts at various events in a direct conversation. Collaboration results in a win-win situation for everyone involved: your company, society and the university of applied sciences