Institute for Human Centered Engineering – Laboratory for Computer Perception and Virtual Reality

In the Computer Perception & Virtual Reality Lab, we deal with the analysis and synthesis of 2D and 3D digital images and their use in robotics and human-machine interaction.

Our Laboratory

Our research lab focuses its applied research & development on image and video data analysis as well as 3D data visualisation and interaction in virtual space. With the latest visualisation techniques, complex data can be processed in a novel way and made intuitively accessible. Among other things, we use these methods to simplify human-machine interactions.


The HuCE-cpvrLab offers the following services in our specialty fields:

  • Innosuisse funded projects 
  • Direct service projects
  • Organisation & supervision of student projects from the industry
  • External lectures and demonstrations


Our most important specialties are: 

  • High performance image processing
  • 3D computer graphics
  • Virtual, augmented & mixed reality
  • Machine learning
  • Collaborative robot integration
  • Multi robot system development
  • Human-machine interface development


We are equipped with the latest hardware for our projects:

  • VR & AR goggles from Valve, Oculus, Microsoft & Google
  • 4-wall CAVE for virtual reality projections for multiple people
  • High performance GPU hardware for machine learning
  • 3D haptic input devices
  • 3D printer for prototyping
  • Industrial workstation test cell
  • Collaborative and industrial robots for high precision tasks


Contact us or meet our technical experts at various events in a direct conversation. Collaboration results in a win-win situation for everyone involved: your company, society and the university of applied sciences