The Bern University of Applied Sciences specialises in Cyber Security and offers a wide range of education, specialised services, research and development.

Institute for Cybersecurity & Engineering (ICE)

ICE is comprised of multiple research groups focused on cyber security. Our areas of expertise include: Fintech Security, Threat Intelligence, E-Voting, Wireless and Secure IoT, and Digital Forensics. Our institute is ready to help you with your research and development projects.

Cyber Lab

Providing education, specialised services, research and development in the area of cyber security requires technical tools, capabilities, and infrastructure. The ICE Cyber Lab provides a rich environment for: security testing, forensic analysis, cyber investigations, intelligence gathering, scientific experimentation, risk assessments, and more.

Cyber Lab

Bachelor Computer Science: IT-Security Specialisation

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science offers a university degree with an IT-Security Specialisation. Students will study cryptography, secure protocols, network and system security, software and web security, digital forensics, and more. Students choose a cyber security topic for their bachelor thesis.

Bachelor Computer Science: IT-Security Specialisation

MSc in Engineering: Profil Information and Cyber Security

With a Master of Science in Engineering with a specialisation in Information and Cyber Security, you protect society and industry from malicious threats and attacks. You acquire the competencies to manage risk and maintain operational security, thereby contributing to the security of software, hardware and computer networks.

MSE Profil Information and Cyber Security

Master of Advanced Studies: Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation

Digital forensic and cyber investigators collect and analyse digital evidence from a diverse landscape of technically complex sources when fighting criminal activity. Our Master program gives you a wide range of practical skills needed for an exciting career in digital forensics and cyber investigation.

MAS Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation

Master of Advanced Studies: Cyber Security

As a cyber security specialist, you are responsible for a reliable and high-performance communication infrastructure in your company and for the requirements for security, privacy and access management. You deal with all measures for the proactive and reactive security of your systems.

MAS Cyber Security