BFH researchers develop surface protection for wood components

28.03.2024 A new coating material protects wood components, glued laminated timber beams, cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glulam timber against yellowing and prevents dirtying. The new solution was developed by researchers at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH in collaboration with Bosshard-Farben AG and three timber construction companies. The product called ArboShield UV is now available on the market.

Load-bearing elements are increasingly being installed in visible areas in modern timber construction, which means they also perform design and aesthetic functions. To protect wood surfaces from rapid ageing, discolouration and dirtying, BFH researchers – in collaboration with the paint and varnish manufacturer Bosshard-Farben AG – developed a new wood coating as part of an Innosuisse project. The timber construction companies Blumer Lehmann AG, neue Holzbau AG and Nägeli AG also supported the project.

For interior and external use

After completion of the project, the product was re-evaluated internally at Bosshard-Farben AG based on relevant quality guidelines. It is now available under the name of ArboShield UV and is already being used – for example, in the Hotel Hof Weissbad’s newly constructed seminar facility, an entirely wooden structure. The coating with ArboShield UV gives the wood a matt finish but preserves its natural look. It protects the surface, reduces changes to the colour tone by using a special combination of light stabilisers and prevents cracking or delamination. The product’s high level of environmental sustainability makes it ideal for interior use – including in rooms with high humidity, such as swimming pools. Externally, ArboShield UV is used for soffits and as temporary protection against damp and the yellowing of wood components during the transport and construction stages.

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