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We introduce our students to current and future challenges in the field of marketing with practice-oriented and research-based teaching. We use modern didactic methods that have been proven to help our students understand learning as a constructive, life-long process.

Global Management

Global Expertise, Innovation and Social Responsibility.

With a diverse blend of expertise spanning global management, language and diversity, and intercultural competence, our Global Management Team cultivates curiosity, drives impactful initiatives through embracing diversity, and facilitating meaningful global interactions.

We bring this to life through a dynamic, interconnected approach that extends across research, teaching, stakeholder relationships, and our memberships to organizations, and entrepreneurship. 


In this rapidly evolving global landscape, our team not only acknowledges the complexities and unpredictability but thrives on them. We leverage this dynamic environment to innovate, collaborate across cultures and disciplines, and turn challenges into opportunities. Our commitment to up-to-date teaching methodologies, strong relationships to our stakeholders and their needs, and cutting-edge research empowers us to navigate this landscape adeptly, fostering a culture of adaptability and continuous growth. 


At the core of our Global Management Team’ s mission is the proactive pursuit of impactful solutions to the multifaceted challenges present in global business. Our diverse team brings together expertise spanning communication in global business contexts, global people management, political economy, international relations and regional expertise in the Arab world, China, Brazil, Mexico, India, North-Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The strength of our team lies not just in our collective knowledge but in the vibrant diversity of our cultural, linguistic, disciplinary, and professional backgrounds. This diversity stands as a cornerstone of our research, teaching, and entrepreneurial endeavours. By embracing various perspectives and experiences, we engage with the intricate complexities of the global landscape. It’s the fusion of varied viewpoints that propels us to generate insightful solutions and drive responsible change.