Mountain Forests, Natural Hazards and GIS

We develop solutions for the effective and sustainable management of mountain forests and of all forest types exposed to rockfall, landslide and flood hazards.

We advance risk-based assessment of the protective effect of forests against rockfall, landslide and flood hazards. We refine fact-based, sustainable mountain and protective forest management. We seek throughout to improve the management of protective forests and promote natural regeneration in mountain forests.


  • Risk-based assessment of the protective effects of forests against rockfall, shallow landslide and flood hazards
  • Automated state-of-the-art analyses based on GIS and remote sensing
  • Consultancy for the planning and performance of bioengineering measures
  • Establishment and analysis of marteloscopes in mountain forests for education and advanced training
  • Ecological analysis of regeneration processes in mountain and protective forests
  • Analysis of sustainable protective forest enhancement and management


Natural hazards

Risk assessment of rockfall, landslide and flood hazards, and targeted management of protective forests

Protective forests

Protective forest management and enhancement in accordance with the NaiS (sustainability and results monitoring in protective forests) methodology, risk assessment in protective forests

Mountain silviculture

Mountain silviculture and regeneration ecology, assessment of the impacts of game and climate change

Site evaluation

Assessment of forest sites and habitats in mountains and lowlands – under present conditions and under climate change

Forest engineering

Slope stabilisation, torrent control, soil bioengineering


Analysis of NaiS target profiles, planning of opening-up, spatial survey of timber mobilisation

Remote sensing

Drone deployment (eBee RTK) for data acquisition – multispectral aerial imaging, digital surface models –  e.g. as basis for single-tree detection


Team & Contact

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