The objective is to create a flexible educational offer for actors in the field of municipal community work with older persons.



The vast majority of those responsible for age and generation issues in the municipalities are employed on a small scale, and voluntary work often dominates. Despite all the differences in backgrounds and initial outsets, similar questions and challenges often arise. Because the expectations are high and the available resources are usually very limited, there is a great need for exchange of experience, but also for practice-oriented knowledge and adaptive solutions. In order to be used, such an educational offer must take into account the limited time resources and the different needs of the target group.

Course of action

The modular educational offer is developed together with users (target groups). The result is an online educational manual that is suitable for multiplication and thus also available on a sustainable basis. The project work is divided into five work packages (WP). AP 1-4 follow a cyclical design process, which is now standard in the development of educational products (McKenney & Reeves, 2014).

  • WP 1 will serve as preparation and clarification with analysis of needs and clarification of the educational context.
  • WP 2 is used to develop and validate a prototype of the online educational manual.
  • WP 3 is for testing the prototype in selected communities ("field testing").
  • In WP 4, the results of the tests will be evaluated, the degree to which the objectives have been achieved will be critically reviewed, and the necessary optimizations and adjustments will be made.
  • In WP 5, the sustainability of the educational offering is to be ensured by developing a business model.

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 3: Good health and well-being