Range of services

Our interdisciplinary research team plans and provides end-to-end ICT solutions for Switzerland’s e-society.

Research + development

Research collaboration

We are heavily involved in national and international research projects. Our aim is to make new research findings and innovations usable for business and industry.

Contract research

You commission us for research and we develop a practice-oriented, research-based solution at current rates. The result: A more rapid market launch for your competitive products and services.

Consulting services

We provide flexible collaboration for your services or product development. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technological assessments and investigations
  • Project monitoring
  • Consulting, planning, coaching
  • Tests and expert reports
  • Measurements, appraisals and analyses
  • Letting of facilities
  • Evaluations and audits


Server Moti for HAFL

The Moti backend enables information to be uploaded from the Moti app and processed by running analyses.

ArcGIS server for HAFL

The Institute provides the infrastructure for running an ArcGIS server for projects at HAFL. In addition to the virtual server, storage is also provided on the Institute’s infrastructure; installation and configuration support is also provided.

LimeSurvey server
for online questionnaires for the quality management competence centre

LimeSurvey is the leading open source online questionnaire application. Our instance is hosted on an encrypted server (https) here at the Institute.

Data mining server
Data mining server for the Data Mining with Social Security Administrative Data project.

As part of the project, the Institute provides a server with SPSS and Stata for data mining and SQL Server for storing and processing data. The Institute mainly provides support on integrating, storing, analysing and presenting data on the SQL Server platform.

Business process management for research and teaching

ADONIS is an end-to-end business process management tool for leveraging, modelling, analysing, simulating, evaluating and documenting business processes in BPMN 2.0.

It’s available to all BFH staff involved in research and for teaching and can be accessed via BFH’s Citrix Portal.

Backend services for the myBFH app

Data preparation for operating the myBFH app. Technology: TYPO3 extension, REST services

Student theses

Innovation and research are key to strengthening competitiveness. That is why companies from a wide variety of industries have long collaborated with our bachelor’s and master’s students. Here, our students incorporate aspects of their respective partner company’s work into their thesis, supervised by us. In doing so, they enable the company in question to avail itself not only of the students’ own academic knowledge and experience, but also that of their lecturers.

Core competencies

  • Development of ICT solutions for managers in business and administrative authorities
  • Set-up and development of e-business concepts and applications
  • Application of expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM) and electronic identities and signatures
  • Conception, implementation and evaluation of data-oriented desktop, web and mobile applications
  • Preparation, analysis and visualisation of structured and unstructured data
  • Integration of classic business intelligence methodologies with geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Management of export-oriented companies
  • Development and application of management methodologies for analysing business models, enterprise systems and ecosystems
  • Application, evaluation and coaching in agile, holistic innovation methodologies, e.g. lean start-up, design thinking
  • Strategy development in the context of digital transformation, change management

Training and continuing education

Whether we like it or not, technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. The people involved in its development and the accompanying progress are shaping our future.