International Forest Sciences

We engage in research geared to practice in forest policy, sustainable forest management and integrated land use, with a focus on the tropics and transition countries.

Our work centres on the role of forests in climate strategies, integrated landscape management and society.


  • Analysis of forest policy processes at global and regional level
  • Analysis of forest strategies and integration of forests in related policy arenas (climate, energy, agriculture, etc.)
  • Analysis of the forest-landscape-society nexus at local and global level
  • Economic and ecological assessment of forests, forest products and services
  • Forest inventories, calculation and modelling of biomass and C fixation in the tropics
  • Design of monitoring systems


The unit comprises individuals with diverse thematic and geographic priorities. Our expertise covers a broad range within the international forest sciences.

  • Forest policy at global and regional level
  • Role of forests in climate strategies (adaptation, mitigation, offsetting)
  • Sustainable forest management in the tropics
  • Landscape approach, integrated land-use forms, agroforestry
  • Economic, ecological and social assessment of forests, forest products and services
  • Timber policy and markets
  • REDD+, FLEGT, NAMAs, etc.
  • Monitoring forests and carbon stocks
  • Forests in futures studies (global change strategies)
  • Locally appropriate solutions