How do companies operate sustainably? Our institute will help your organisation develop its entrepreneurial spirit and value-oriented attitude while moving towards sustainability.

The services of our institute cover the following areas: 

  • Teaching: we incorporate sustainability-related content into teaching and develop specialisations in corporate responsibility, circular economy and social innovation/entrepreneurship. 

  • Research/services: We maintain a good mix of academic research and applied contract research. This ensures that the well-founded knowledge is disseminated as quickly as possible and provides a direct benefit. 

  • Continuing education: Companies need managers who are familiar with sustainability and know the challenges involved in implementing sustainable corporate strategies. We pass on our knowledge directly in the form of topic-specific and practical teaching activities. 


Students who are interested in sustainability issues will  gain an in-depth understanding of the links between this topic and other areas such as international management, innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalisation as part of their studies. 

The modules offer a comprehensive examination of the fundamentals of sustainable entrepreneurship as well as the practical application of concepts such as the circular economy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), business ethics and social entrepreneurship. The various aspects of these topics are deepened through the presentation of real application examples and practical exercises. 

Our modules are taught in all degree programmes at the Business School. With the Master of Science in Circular Innovation and Sustainability, we are also heavily involved in a Master's degree programme that focuses on circular systems, resource efficiency and sustainable development. 

We offer the following teaching modules: 

Bachelor Level: 

  • Sustainable Business 

  • Social Innovation 

  • Circular Business Models 

  • Sustainable Startup Challenge 

  • CSR Management (virtual module in cooperation with Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and HAMK, Finland) 

  • Sustainable Auditing 

Master Level: 

  • Business Ethics & CSR 

  • Sustainable Management 

  • Circular Economy 

  • Circular Business Models 

  • The Circular Economy in a Spatial Context 


We generate impact through our research and services. 

Academic publications 

We regularly publish articles in leading academic journals; these articles are cited around 1,200 times per year (Google Scholar). 

Book series 

Our joint publication «Sustainable Business - Managing the Challenges of the 21st Century» has already achieved more than 35,000 downloads in its first two years. 


We chair renowned national and international conferences such as the FAZ Responsible Leadership Conference, GCGI and the Berner Anwenderforum Kreislaufwirtschaft

Consultancy and research studies 

We support organisations in effectively achieving their goals and making strategic decisions. We conduct studies to provide sound insights for future decisions. 


Our tools make it easier for companies to transition to more sustainable practices; for example, we have launched a new tool for the circular economy, the Circularity Check

Raising awareness in politics, business and society 

We regularly advise policymakers in Switzerland and abroad. Our keynotes and public conferences disseminate knowledge and stimulate discussions. We contribute to raising awareness on sustainability topics in society through regular contributions in print media and television (Tagesanzeiger, Blick, NZZ, 10vor10, FAZ). 

Continuing Education

Through customised training and development, we provide up-to-date knowledge and relevant skills to support the professional development and performance of our partners. Our training courses focus on new organisational approaches and strategies for integrating effective sustainability and ESG management into organisations. Course participants learn how to prepare their organisation for sustainable business models and the associated innovations, and how to lead it successfully into the future. 

We offer the following continuing education programmes: