Dr. Ingrid Fromm


Dr. Ingrid Fromm Wiss. MA Sozio-Ökonomie der ländl. Entw.

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  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften HAFL
    Fachbereich Agronomie
    Länggasse 85
    3052 Zollikofen


  • Uganda (2020-2024).
    Project Implementation: Action for Livelihood Enhancement in Northern Uganda (ALENU). Technical support to consortium in improving livelihoods through increased production of diversified food, enhanced market opportunities and better maternal and child nutrition, Product and Market Value Chain Analysis. Project led by Caritas Switzerland and funded by EuropeAid.

  • India (2018-1019).
    Research Project: Indo-Swiss Collaboration on Biotechnology Phase V, Principal Investigator for Pigeon Pea Network, Socio-economic research. Conducted socio-economic studies on pigeon pea consumption in the urban and peri-urban areas of Delhi and Hyderabad (Telangana). Project funded by Indo-Swiss Collaboration on Biotechnology.

  • Colombia (2020-2021).
    Research Project: Development of bio-nanotechnologies to lower cadmium content in cocoa beans. Principal investigator for market assessment. Project funded by SECO.

  • Switzerland (2018).
    Market Analysis: Analysis of market potential of Colombian bocadillo veleño (guava paste) in Swiss market. Consultancy funded by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

  • International (2020).
    Desk Study: Systematic Review & Survey: Fairtrade & Climate Change. Investigator. Project funded by Fairtrade International.

  • Dominican Republic (2017-2018). Mission: Value Chain Analysis for Improving Operations in Banana in the Dominican Republic. Hired as Lead Economist and Team Leader for consultancy. Project funded by the European Commission, Agrinatura VCA4D.

  • India (2015-2017). Research Project: Indo-Swiss Collaboration on Biotechnology Phase IV, co-Principal Investigator for Pigeon Pea Network, Socio-economic research, Investigator Bio-fertilizer (BIOFI) Network. Conducted socio-economic studies on market structure for bio-inputs in States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Coordinated socio-economic study on farmer adoption of new pigeon pea varieties with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in Delhi and Hyderabad. Project funded by Indo-Swiss Collaboration on Biotechnology.

  • Nigeria (2015-2016). Capacity-building Project: Capacity Building in Agricultural Education in Nigeria. Lead Value Chain Expert. Provided expertise in the development of curricula for value chain development. Worked with 6 agricultural universities, the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture, and private partners. Project funded by the Swiss Office of Migration.

  • Ghana (2015-2016). Research Project: Solar Drying Technology for Lumber and
    Food Items in Ghana. Value Chain Expert. Provided expertise for adaptation of solar drying technologies for food products and conducted needs assessment to evaluate market potential for SMEs, in collaboration with Virginia Tech University and the Forest Research Institute of Ghana. Project funded by UNIDO.

  • Bolivia (2015). Mission: Mid-Term Review of SDC’s Cooperation Strategy 2013-2016 with Bolivia. International consultant for external evaluation. Swiss Development Cooperation Mandate.

  • Rwanda (2014). Organization of Workshop: Potato Value Chain Promotion in Rwanda. Led coordination and execution of workshop, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Competence Centre for Regional Development of the Institut d’Enseignement Superieur de Ruhengeri (INES-Ruhengeri). Developing Countries, Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries, Swiss Academy of Sciences.

  • Bolivia (2013). Mission: Second External Evaluation of the Sys-Com Project: What is the contribution of organic agriculture to sustainable development? Long-term farming systems comparisons in the tropics, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL). Member of evaluation team for the conventional versus organic cocoa trials in Alto Beni, Bolivia.

  • Ghana (2012-2013). Research Project: Promoting sustainable production methods and socio-environmental certifications among small-scale cocoa farmers in Ghana. Lead Scientist responsible for the coordination with team at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Advised two master’s students conducting research as part of the project. Project funding by the Rector’s Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences.

  • Switzerland (2012). Mission: Facilitation and Social Reporting on the Agriculture and Food Security Network’s Face-to-face meeting, Zollikofen. Facilitator during the Rural Advisory Services and M4P Session. Swiss Development Cooperation Mandate.

  • Switzerland (2011). Organization of Symposium: Challenges and potential of measuring sustainability in agriculture, 10 years of research and practical experiences around the world, European Association of Agricultural Economists Congress 2011: Challenges for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Responsible for organization and execution of session in collaboration with EAAE organization committee.

  • Honduras (2009-2010). Research Project: Who is pushing for innovation and upgrading? Influence of development agents and buyers on the use of knowledge and technology among small coffee producers in Honduras. Lead Scientist conducting research and interviewing stakeholders in Honduras. Internal funding.

  • Austria (2009). Mission: UNIDO Expert Group Meeting “Developing a Value Chain Diagnostics Tool for Common Practice at UNIDO”. Invited by UNIDO for inputs during the meeting and for extensive review of the publication.

  • Honduras (2006-2009). Research Project: Upgrading in Agricultural Value Chains. Analysis of the coffee, palm oil and horticultural sectors in Honduras for PhD dissertation.

  • Tanzania (2006). Organization of International SEPneT Conference “Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs through Networking” in Dar es Salaam. Coordinated with the Institute of Finance Management. Responsible for coordination and execution of conference. Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • Argentina (2005). Organization of International SEPneT Workshop “Organization of Innovation Processes in Companies and Institutions”. Assisted coordinator in the execution of workshop in collaboration with the Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires. Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • Germany (2004). Short-term Assignment: Consultancy to conduct in-depth analysis of mission, objectives and implementation of programs and projects of development cooperation agencies world-wide. Contracted by the German Institute of Global and Area Studies.


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