ROSEWOOD4.0 harnesses digital solutions and boosts knowledge transfer to connect multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation in Europe.



ROSEWOOD4.0 builds on the well-established ROSEWOOD network of Regional Hubs connecting multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation in Europe. This new action will especially reinforce and enlarge the links with Eastern Europe by creating a new Eastern Hub including new countries (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine). Second, the action puts special emphasis on digitalisation (forestry industry 4.0) and digital tools (social media, platforms, elearning) for training and coaching, enabling practitioners to share knowhow with much wider impact. The focus on ICT addresses the two main challenges in wood mobilisation: 1. better access to resources through defragmentation of forest owners and 2. increased volume to the market and higher transparency.

Course of action

The project’s extensive dissemination of best practices, technological and non-technological innovations and research results feeds directly into national and regional Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) in forestry and builds an efficient interface for the EIP-AGRI and EIP Raw Materials, supported by the European networks EFI and InnovaWood. This multi-actor action closes knowledge gaps, connects and transfers tangible knowledge and best practice between forestry practitioners across whole Europe. In an open innovation environment, the coordination of Regional Hubs facilitates also new opportunities for exploitation of near to market innovations and fosters business partnerships between stakeholders, aligned with local and regional development plans, to complement existing or initiate new Operational Groups within the EIP-AGRI. Responding to the imminent need for broader sharing of ICT-driven solutions in forestry, ROSEWOOD4.0 will contribute to enhanced competitiveness of the forest industry and to vital development in rural areas within the European Bioeconomy.


This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 15: Life on land