About us

Open, innovative and sustainable. This is how we imagine the public sector - and this is what we strive for.

Our vision

The public sector creates public value and promotes the sustainable development of the environment, society and the economy.

Our mission

We strengthen the public sector with our interdisciplinary expertise in digital transformation and sustainability.

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Staff Digital Democracy

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Latest news


We report on research and news relating to the digital society in the academic magazine SocietyByte.


The Institute for Public Sector Transformation regularly stages information events, designed to encourage a national and international exchange of information and to promote innovation within Switzerland.

Find out about our key regular events here. (German Page)

eGov Lunch

The eGov Lunch, held four times a year, presents a current and innovative initiative in the use of new information technologies by the state and public sector. The informal setting of the eGov Lunch encourages constructive dialogue between representatives of the federal government, cantons, municipalities, associations, universities and private companies.

The keynote presentation and the discussion provide an insight into the latest developments and opportunities offered by the use of information technologies by the state and the public sector. The ensuing business lunch offers the ideal opportunity to exchange initial ideas and to network.