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Are you looking for solutions using coatings, surface modifications and impregnation systems for the protection of bio-based materials? Or are you interested in developing innovative adhesive and composite systems or road construction materials? You are at the right place.

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Biopolymers and Wood Chemistry

Chemical raw materials can be obtained from wood, bark and other renewable resources. They have the potential to replace oil-based components in product formulations and can be used for the processing of biopolymers. The products obtained are more sustainable and free of hazardous substance. For this, we rely on locally available resources.

We produce bio-based chemical raw materials and develop synthetic pathways and chemical product formulations. The formulations we develop can be used in many different ways, e.g. in adhesives, resins, composites, coatings or insulating foams. We work closely with materials and building materials manufacturers. Together we develop safe, cost-effective and high-performance materials technologies. We attach great importance to developing products that are recyclable and biodegradable. Our manufacturing processes and products have a low carbon footprint and are free of hazardous substances. They contribute to occupational safety, safety of use, improved indoor air quality and to the overall quality of life.

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Materials and Life Cycle Assessment

Innovative technologies are crucial for the cost-effective and sustainable production of engineered and composite wood products. We develop technologies and processes for bio-based materials. For us, environmental sustainability, economic efficiency and industrial feasibility are key priorities.

We focus on the development of bio-based materials and the related manufacturing processes. In addition to traditional raw materials, we also use agricultural residues, paper fibres and mineral binders to develop new panel materials and moulded parts. We also advise you on the optimisation of industrial production processes or computer-based process simulations.

Moreover, we make sure your goods are ready to enter the sustainable markets, and give you advice on circular economy and life cycle assessment.

We offer customised solutions for manufacturers of bio-based composites:

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Wood Modification and Gluing Technology

Are you seeking to improve the fire, scratch and weather behaviour of your timber products? As specialists in the field of wood modification and wood adhesives, we develop processes and systems for the sustainable value enhancement of your products.

The properties of wood-based materials are modified through the targeted use of environmentally-friendly compounds such as minerals and biopolymers. For example, we are able to increase fire resistance, reduce susceptibility to biological degradation or improve weather resistance. Together with our partners, we develop new adhesive technologies for load-bearing applications and optimise their performance. In the area of surface treatment of wood and wood-based materials, we develop coating systems, application processes and drying processes.

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Road Construction Materials

In the future, transport infrastructure will have to cope with the growing demands of mobility. But how do you create an efficient, sustainable and secure infrastructure? One key element is road construction materials. In this field, we develop solutions that are sustainable, durable and recyclable.

Our work focuses on the balance between economic efficiency, performance and environmental protection. Our approach supports the reuse of materials, lower energy consumption during production, lower noise pollution, and the performance and durability of road surfaces.

We specialise in bituminous materials, the mechanical behaviour of roads, the dimensioning of pavement systems, quality assessment, maintenance strategies (Pavement Management Systems, PMS) and road rehabilitation.

As the official representative of Switzerland, we are actively involved in the Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL).

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