Länggasse 85, Zollikofen – Campus BFH-HAFL

Near the city of Bern, yet out in the countryside: our campus in Zollikofen is ideally situated. Set among fields and forests, it offers the facilities you need for your studies and countless leisure activities, as well as student accommodation.

Address + contact

Länggasse 85
3052 Zollikofen

Reception and office opening hours

Reception                      Telephone (main office)
Monday to Thursday    Monday to Thursday
8 am – 12 pm                8 am – 12 pm
1.30 pm – 5 pm            2 pm – 5 pm

Friday                            Friday
8 am – 12 pm                8 am – 12 pm
1.30 pm – 4 pm            2 pm – 4 pm

Location + How to find us

Arriving by public transport

You can easily reach us by train. From Bern railway station, take RBS regional transport line S8 towards Jegenstorf. Trains leave every 15 minutes. Leave the train at Oberzollikofen, cross the tracks via the underpass, and follow signs to ‘BFH HAFL’ (around 10 minutes on foot).

During commuter hours, you can travel right to our main entrance by public transport. Take RBS bus number 41 (Breitenrain–Zollikofen) and alight at the ‘Rütti Hochschule’ stop.

Arriving by car

If you are travelling from western Switzerland, exit the motorway at Bern-Neufeld. Anyone travelling from the Bernese Oberland should leave the motorway at Bern-Wankdorf. From Bern, you can reach us in 10 minutes by following Worblaufen–Zollikofen or Wankdorf–Ittigen–Zollikofen. Take the Zurich–Basel A1, exit the motorway at Schönbühl, and drive via Moosseedorf to Zollikofen.


Deliveries – other than post and courier services – can be unloaded directly at the delivery entrance. On Länggasse, coming from Zollikofen, take the first entrance to our campus and turn right after the first building. The entrance is approximately 70 metres on the left. Use the intercom to call the office (open on weekdays, 8 am–12 pm and 2 pm–5 pm).


Berner Fachhochschule
Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften HAFL
Länggasse 85
CH-3052 Zollikofen

+41 31 910 21 11



Mit ihrer angewandten Forschung entwickelt die BFH-HAFL für aktuelle Fragestellungen und künftige Herausforderungen. Ein Teil der Forschung findet auf den Feldern und in den Wäldern rund um den Campus statt. Besuchen Sie uns und entdecken Sie das Campusgelände!

Permakultur Waldgarten

Der BFH-HAFL Waldgarten baut auf das bestehende Waldökosystem auf. Hier werden Kultur- und Wildobst, Beeren, essbare Stauden, Kräuter und Pilze angepflanzt. Daneben werden Pflanzen gesetzt, die Stickstoff aus der Atmosphäre aufnehmen können. Damit werden die essbaren Pflanzen mit wichtigen Nährstoffen versorgt und gleichzeitig die Biodiversität erhöht. Gerne dürfen Sie den Waldgarten bei uns vor Ort erkunden!

Permakultur Schaugarten

Der BFH-HAFL Permakultur Feldgarten ist aus verschiedenen Permakultur-Elementen wie Obstbaumgilden, Hügelbeeten oder Windschutzhecken aufgebaut. Erkunden Sie den Garten und lesen Sie vor Ort über den Nutzen der einzelnen Komponenten.

We cultivate a three-hectare area adjacent to the campus: the ‘Liechtifeld’. This means we can perform trials for our applied research directly on site. It also acts as an additional ‘lecture theatre’ for agriculture students – for practical demonstrations and student projects.

Botanical nature trail

Students of Agricultural and Forest Sciences at BFH-HAFL need a sound knowledge of plants. The area around the campus in Zollikofen offers plenty of opportunities to acquire this knowledge: most of our native trees and shrubs can be found there. 
Since summer 2017, students, and anyone else interested, have been able to test their knowledge of local flora by following a botanical nature trail. The plants on the BFH-HAFL site are labelled with signs – but the botanical names have been replaced with a QR code. First, you need to identify the plants, and then you can check the answer by scanning the QR code. The infoflora.ch website also provides further information on the plants.

To use the QR code, you will need:

  • A smartphone
  • A QR reader app
  • Mobile data/Wi-Fi The BFH-HAFL Wi-Fi can be used, depending on your location.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use the lists. You will find all of the answers there – sorted by the numbers printed on the signs.

Our sensory lab can be used to perform sensory evaluations of products under controlled conditions. It is equipped with 11 testing booths with FIZZ sensory software (ISO 8589:2007). The booths have red and green lighting, which can be used to mask visual differences, if required for the question or test design.

Our 550 sq. m technology centre is a food technology test centre with a broad range of facilities. It offers students the ideal facilities for practical lessons or tests for their end-of-term assignment or final thesis. The technology centre also enables our researchers to perform important basic food technology operations on a small scale. Food companies may also use the services of the test facilities.

One of the resources used in practical lessons for agriculture students specialising in international agriculture is our greenhouse, which has three different climate zones: tropical highlands, tropical lowlands and savannah. A diverse range of tropical plants are grown there – from coffee and papaya to cotton.

Cultural events are also held in the greenhouse.


Der Campus ist nicht nur ein Ort zum Lernen und Arbeite. Mit einem Schwimmbecken, Grillstellen, einem Beachvolleyball-Feld und vielem mehr, bietet er auch ein breites Freizeitangebot. Zudem befinden sich auf dem Gelände ein Studierendenwohnheim und eine Mensa.

Leisure facilities

Our campus offers a wide range of leisure facilities. Facilities include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Beach volleyball
  • Pool table
  • Barbecue area
  • Table tennis
  • Gym with climbing wall
  • Sauna

Student accommodation BFH-HAFL

The hall of residence on our campus is available only to HAFL students. Because the demand for rooms significantly exceeds the supply, it is unfortunately not possible for students from other BFH departments to be considered.

Applications are handled differently depending on whether you apply BEFORE or AFTER the start of your course. Before you apply, make sure that you read the brochure “Information on student accomodation” carefully (see download).

Applications for the student accommodation will be accepted again from 18 September 2023.

Virtueller Rundgang


Detailed information and any changes as well as the current menu offer are communicated via the intranet.

Opening hours

  • Meals:
    Monday to Friday: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
    Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Special opening hours apply during the teaching-free periods and will be displayed accordingly. 

Virtueller Rundgang



As an academic library affiliated to the nationwide library system swisscovery, we acquire, catalogue and make available printed and electronic documents in the agricultural, forest and food sciences.


Sustainability is an important issue, not only on our courses of study, but also on our campus, where we work to protect nature and the environment.

  • The extension completed in 2012 complies with the Minergie-PEco standard.
  • We also use green energy for a significant portion of our power consumption.
  • The green areas are designed to encourage native plants to grow and contribute to biodiversity.