Prof. Dr. Volker M. Koch


Prof. Dr. Volker M. Koch Leiter Master of Science MSc

  • Adresse Berner Fachhochschule
    Technik und Informatik
    Quellgasse 21
    2501 Biel


  • Innosuisse project: Objective orthosis fittings as new standard of care through mobile, sensor-based 3D gait analysis system and patient monitoring.

  • Innosuisse project: Development of a tool to scan and analyze spinal pathologies and bad postures.

  • Innosuisse project: Development of a gait analysis tool for use with ortheses.

  • CTI project DrillMon: Development of a high-speed surgical drill that includes nerve monitoring capabilities to improve safety and precision.

  • Inventus Bern Foundation supported project Feetback: Development of a device to add tactile feedback to prosthetic limbs, easing control and improving the user experience.

  • Nano-Tera/SNSF project WiseSkin: Creation of sensory 'skin' for prostheses, providing tactile feedback to amputees for better control and sense of embodiment.

  • CTI project: Development of a respiratory muscle training and testing device in collaboration with ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich.

  • CTI project: Development of algorithms and a testing system to improve the reliability of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) for real-time lung ventilation monitoring.

  • CTI project VoiSee: Development of a portable electronic vision aid for people with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), offering superior magnification and field of view compared to traditional aids.