Forest Production

We develop solutions for efficient and sustainable forest management in Switzerland. Our activities centre on the provision of timber resources and their use.

We are a centre of competence for forest economics and engineering of national and international renown. Our work integrates forest economics and business management considerations. We develop cutting-edge technical solutions for efficient timber harvest and supply, and for forest access development.


Forest economics and business management:

  • Analysis of the impacts of state interventions upon forests and their owners and management
  • Risk management: Analysis and economic assessment of risks and response options
  • Development of optimisation approaches at enterprise and sector level, and advice on their implementation
  • Analysis and explanation of the attitudes, goals, actions and motivations of forest owners
  • Analysis of the linkages among political, social and economic aspects
  • Analysis of societal demands upon forests and forest management – with a focus on their economic consequences

Forest engineering:

  • Digitalisation of processes, components and objects – e.g. digital forest road management or integrative process data generation and evaluation
  • Networking agents
  • Smart and predictive design of processes, components and agents


Business management

Sector and organisational analysis, reorganisation and restructuring of forestry and timber enterprises

Forest economics

Micro-economic questions of consumer, production and price theory, impacts of changes in institutional and natural settings, especially those brought about by climate change

Forest access development

Digital forest road management involving surveys of road condition, and strategies for ongoing and periodic road maintenance, road construction and road network improvement

Forest engineering

Process-oriented approaches, CO2 issues, application of the integrative iFOS product, silvicultural compatibility

Labour sciences

Occupational safety, time studies, ergonomics, remuneration

Information and communication technologies

Process support with particular consideration of the special structural features of the forestry sector in Switzerland

Optimising the timber value chain

Optimising technical production, logistics and supply chain management in forestry and timber enterprises, digitalising process monitoring and control, supplying timber resources for wood-based products in the context of the activities of the Centre for Wood


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