Care and Diversity Collective Action and Trauma. Case: Kurdish Diaspora

To what extent does engagement in the diaspora influence human psychology, especially as a coping mechanism for migration trauma? Does political engagement contribute to making individuals healthier and more resilient, as shown by an SNSF research project on Kurds in the diaspora?

06.05.2024, 6pm–7.30pm – BFH, Department of Social Work, Hallerstrasse 10, Bern (auditorium)

Is there a relationship between engaging in activism within the diaspora and human psychology? Can activism serve as a coping mechanism for dealing with traumas experienced during and prior to the migration process? Does political engagement contribute to making individuals healthier and more resilient? This discussion will focus on the results of an SNF-supported research project that encompasses questions related to Kurds in the diaspora, exploring the broader implications of political attitudes on their social and individual lives. The study aims to enhance our understanding of how the political attitudes of migrants impact their lives. Furthermore, it will assist in comprehending the integration, cultural conflicts, and adaptation processes of Kurds as migrants in Europe.

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  • Students
  • BFH employees
  • All interested persons
  • The general public

The series of events explores the question of where spaces of shared concern, solidarity and solidarity exist. How did they come about, who is involved and how, and what significance do various aspects of diversity have? To what extent is caring for others associated with privileges and what dependencies arise from this? Where are there spaces of solidarity in the city? What role can religion and spirituality play in a society based on solidarity? How can dialogue between the generations succeed? Where are there spaces of solidarity with refugees or older people? Where are the challenges and limits?

The Care and Diversity event series is a module of the Bachelor's degree programme in Social Work that is open to students of other degree programmes as well as interested members of the public. The event takes place on nine monday evenings on nine different topics.

The aim of the series of events is to address various interested parties such as students, professionals and the general public and to get them talking to each other about the topic of care and diversity.