Digital Business Administration

Our MSc in Digital Business Administration will give you the skills and practical experience you need to shape the digital future of your company or organization.

The programme

  • is for graduates with a bachelor's degree in business administration, business IT or a related subject
  • is strongly practice oriented through close collaboration with companies dealing with the challenges of digital transformation - “live cases” 
  • provides hands-on experience in the use of current and emerging digital technologies
  • is part time and can be adapted to fit around your work thanks to its flexible structure
  • offers a combination of virtual learning and personal support from lecturers and practitioners
  • is internationally oriented and includes virtual cooperation with foreign universities and their students
  • this study programme is offered in English only


  • Title/Degree Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Business Administration
  • Mode of study On-campus days take place four times a semester in three-day blocks, usually once a month on Thursday to Saturday. Additionally there will be online learning / virtual classrooms, block events and exam days.
  • Start date Only autum semester, calendar week 38
  • Application deadline 31.7. (guaranteed study place until 31.03.)
  • ECTS credits 90 ECTS-Credits
  • Teaching language English
  • Location Bern und virtual classrooms
  • School Business School

Structure + Content

With a BFH Master of Digital Business Administration, you will be able to act as a driver of digital transformation in companies and organisations.


In our master's programme you will become an expert in the transformation of organisations to deal with the digital future. Our internationally oriented programme builds on a bachelor's degree in business administration or business IT and equips future specialists and managers with research-based competencies for the digital business world. We use novel and individual teaching and learning methods. You will learn using live cases, by considering current challenges of real companies, how existing business can be digitised and business models digitally expanded. You will also learn how to develop innovative digital business models. You will know the potential of the latest digital technologies, experience them practically and purposefully, and understand how they are used by companies. As a driver of digitisation, you will shape the digital future profitably and successfully.

Goals & Competencies

You will acquire research-based and practical expertise fit for the digital future, to:

  • transform existing companies digitally
  • extend existing business models digitally
  • develop new digital business models. 

Study form and duration

The programme aims to achieve an ideal balance between study and career. It is a combined model with contact study in three-day blocks and virtual (self-)study, accompanied by lecturers and practitioners. The attendance blocks take place approximately four times per semester, usually Thursday to Saturday. Additional on campus days might be added for exams and block events.

Virtual learning takes place in predefined learning cycles. You are largely responsible for the scheduling of this. In addition to your course, an employment level of up to 80 percent (4 days per week) is feasible, although 60 to 70 percent (3–3.5 days) is recommended.

As a rule, the master program lasts four semesters. Further flexibility is possible at any time by extending the duration of study (e.g. to six semesters).


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Curriculum & Modules

Our programme is based on four central module groups:

  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Leadership and Organisation 
  • Technologies, Data and Operations 
  • Business Research and Methods 

These module groups are supplemented by the Digital Toolbox. It comprises tools, skills and methods that students acquire, apply and develop in the various modules during their studies.

A central element of the curriculum is the application of knowledge, competencies and skills to a complex, real-world challenge or problem. These "live cases" are identified, defined and prepared for the students in cooperation with partners in various sectors.

In the first three semesters, you will work in groups on these specific challenges from real companies across modules under the guidance and support of lecturers and practitioners.

The Master of Digital Business Administration teaching staff consists of lecturers and experts who all have extensive practical experience in business and administration. They are also highly qualified (usually a doctorate) and work together in tandem and through co-teaching.

Further information

Student mobility is desirable and is encouraged in cooperation with the BFH Business School’s International Office. With the exception of the first and second semester, a stay abroad is possible every semester.

Are you interesseted in studying abroad? Please contact the International Office.  

Under a cooperation agreement with the Australian University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and SolBridge International School of Business South Korea, you can gain international experience abroad and acquire a further English-language Master's degree at a university (double degree). 

You will complete an additional full-time semester (4 months) and earn additional credits, usually 30 ECTS credits. 

Depending on your subject and time preferences, you can earn the additional Master's degree in the USC programmes Master of Business Administration, Master of International Business or Master of Management.

In the SolBridge programme you have the possibility to do your degree in the Master's of Business Administration.

The Certificate of Global Competence offers you the opportunity to acquire additional skills in the areas of intercultural and transcultural skills within the framework of your course.

You will be required to provide proof that you have acquired certain skills in various areas of interculturality and transculturality. The Certificate of Global Competence, which is issued in addition to the master's degree, helps you to create a further skills profile; an advantage not to be underestimated when applying for a job.

BFH business school offers three different Master's degree programmes. The following table compares the three degree programmes and shows their differences (partly in German).

      MSc Digital Business Administration  

MSc Business Administration mit
Major Corporate/Business Development (CBD)

  MSc Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Transform existing companies digitally
  • Extend existing business models digitally
  • Develop new digital business models

Phasenbezogene Ausrichtung am CBD Cycle für eine nachhaltige Unternehmensentwicklung: Start-up & Growth Management, Business Development & Reinvention, Crisis & Turnaround Management

  Gestaltung der Umsetzung der digitalen Transformation, Vermittlung zwischen Business und Technik, IT-Management
  • Business Architect of the digital businesses
  • Digital business mananger
  • Chief digital strategies
  • Digital consultant
  • E-commerce
  • Chief digital officer (CDO) 
  • Führungs- oder Expertenfunktionen Stab, Unter-
    nehmensentwicklung / Strategie
  • Geschäftsleitung KMU, Startup oder Business Division
  • Internes / externes Consulting
  • Leitungs- und Expertentätigkeiten in Marketing,
    Controlling / Finanzen, HRM und Organisation
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Zielgruppe & Voraussetzung

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
  • Bachelor's degree in Business IT
  • Related courses of study

Bachelor Betriebsökonomie und verwandte Studiengänge

  • Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Bachelor Betriebsökonomie
  • Bachelor Informatik
  • Bachelor Wirtschaftsingenieur und verwandte Studiengänge


    Bern (Switzerland) and Online  

Bern (einzelne Module optional St. Gallen)

  Zürich (Präsenzveranstaltungen)
Bern (Coachings)


  • 4 semester (regular study) or 6 semester (expended)
  • Ca. 5 x 3 days block teaching on campus and virtual Learning Cycles during the semester
  • Professional workload up to 80% possible (60% recommended)
  • 4 Semester Regelstudienzeit (ausdehnbar)
  • Freitag / Samstag
  • Beruflicher Workload bis 80% möglich (60% empfohlen)
  • 4 Semester Regelstudienzeit (ausdehnbar)
  • Montag / Dienstag
  • Beruflicher Workload bis 80% möglich (60% empfohlen)
Sprache     English   Deutsch   Deutsch
  • Combination of virtual “Learning cycles” and on campus days
  • Experimental
  • Hands-on (e.g. AI, App)
  • Life cases
  • International (virtual) Cooperation / Study trip
  • Fokus auf Präsenzlehrveranstaltungen
  • Case studies
  • Praxisprojekte
  • Planspiele und Simulationen
  • Studienreise (Asien, Europa)
  • Firmenbesuche
  • Fokus auf Präsenzlehrveranstaltungen
  • Case studies
  • Praxisprojekte
  • Studienreise (Europa)
Kooperation     -  

Ostschweizer Fachhochschule (OST)

  Ostschweizer Fachhochschule (OST) und Hochschule Luzern (HSLU)
Double Degree     USC Australia
(Master of Business Administration, Master of International Business)

SolBridge South Korea
(Master of Business Administration)
  USC Australia
(Master of Management, Master of Business Administration, Master of International Business)


Projects + Theses

Bachelor's, master's and diploma theses can be found in the Swisscovery catalogue.

Science for Practice: Your First Publication

On the basis of outstanding empirical work from the master's programme (scientific practical projects and master's theses), the aim is to publish a book  annually by the renowned publisher Springer Gabler. This contains contributions written jointly by students and their supervisors (tandem publications). The contributions are also available for download in the Springer database and are typically downloaded three times as often as the average of the publications stored there.

Eligibility + Entry

Our master's programme in Digital Business Administration is aimed at graduates of a bachelor's programme in Business Administration, Business IT or a related subject. Applicants must attend an admissions interview.

Eligibility & Entry

Anyone with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Business IT from a Swiss university of applied sciences, who can demonstrate English proficiency at C1 level will be admitted to the programme. Students with a university degree in another discipline with a technical connection to (Digital) Business Administration or Digital Transformation will also be considered. For admission, you must have at least 30 ECTS credits from a degree programme in business administration or economics.

Furthermore, students with a comparable degree from a foreign university in business administration or economics can also be admitted.

Work experience requirements

Students must have at least six months of work experience in an area acknowledged by the BFH Business School.

Recognition of non-Swiss qualifications

Foreign degrees must be equivalent to a Swiss degree. The head of the study programme will assess the foreign degree’s equivalence.

Language ability

Prospective students must be able to demonstrate a C1 level of English

We will accept a Cambridge C1 Advanced certificate, or equivalent, as proof of language skills. Additionally, we will also consider candidates who can demonstrate that they have studied in English. 

Mandatory interview

Once you have registered, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a consultation with the head of the degree programme. If required, the interview can also be conducted before the registration. Please contact the course director directly at any time.

For further information

Qualification + Career prospects

Our master's degree in digital business administration prepares graduates to take on demanding roles as drivers of digital transformation in companies and organisations.

Degree + Title

Students who successfully complete the master's programme will be awarded the title "Master of Science BFH in Digital Business Administration". Our master's degree is recognised by the Swiss Confederation and meets European standards. It enables international mobility on the labour market and further academic study.

Career prospects

With the MSc in Digital Business Administration, you will help shape the digital future of the economy and society. With the skills acquired during your studies, you will play an important role in the digital future of your company, for example as the Chief Digital Officer or in similar positions such as Digital Strategist, Projects Manager, Business Analyst/Architect, Chief Information Officer or Marketing Manager. 

The MSc Digital Business Administration prepares future graduates to take roles as leaders of digital transformation in companies and organisations.

Our graduates will also be in demand for their skills in creating added value for companies in a changing and digitised environment in classic business roles.

Application + Practicalities

Have you decided to study at the Bern University of Applied Sciences? Don’t delay – register today. Our online registration system will keep you informed of the progress of your application.

Compulsory documents for online registration 


  • Passport-sized photo

  • Copy of passport or ID (back and front)

  • CV/Resumé (in simple tabular form)

  • Academic & professional certificates (including high school, university and vocational certificates with grades)

  • Proof of English language skills (C1 English certificate or equivalent proof of C1 English skills)

  • Letter of motivation 

  • Ex-matriculation confirmation

When registering for the master's programme, the degree of the first level (Bachelor's or equivalent degree) and the Transcript of Records (ToR) must be submitted.

Foreign Previous Education /Related Previous Education

  • Passport-sized photo
  • Copy of passport or ID (back and front)
  • CV/Resumé (in simple tabular form)
  • Proof of English language skills min. C1
  • Comparable foreign university degree with at least 30 ECTS credits in business and economics subjects (Bachelor Diploma)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Ex-matriculation confirmation

An incomplete dossier will be rejected for completion or improvement. A short grace period is granted, indicating that the application will be deemed withdrawn if it is not resubmitted within the time limit set.

Enrolment deadline

March 31 - double execution due to high demand.
Registrations will be considered until July 31 at the latest ifplaces are available

Request of prior academic qualifications 

15.8. (before start of lectures) 

Last withdrawal of application


Official start of semester


Induction event

First day of classes in calendar week 38


On-campus days take place four times a semester in three-day blocks, usually once a month on Thursday to Saturday.

Additionally there will be online learning / virtual classrooms, block events and exam days.

Block weeks and examinations

You will be given notice of the block weeks and examinations that take place every semester.

The semester timetable follows that of the BFH Business School
See document: Academic year  (2020/2021)


Application (per application)* / Matriculation

CHF 100.–

Tuition fee (per semester)

CHF 750.–

Tuition fee for intemational students* (per semester)

CHF 950.–

Performance assessment (per semester)

CHF 80.–

Material fees (per semester)

CHF 95.–

Voluntary contribution to the student body (per semester)

CHF 15.–

Fee for social, cultural and sport offerings (per semester)

CHF 24.–

Costs for study trip (approx.) 
Please note:
only for Master of Science in Business Administration and 
Master of Science in Digital Business Administration

CHF 1000 - 3000.–



* International students are defined as persons of foreign citizenship who at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification were domiciled under civil law neither in Switzerland nor the Principality of Liechtenstein. This rule applies as of the 2018/9 autumn semester.
In addition to the above costs, charges will also be levied for various study-related resources, such as photocopies, literature/books and internet access. Students will also be expected to have a Notebook computer and broadband internet access at their disposal. Students who leave the programme in mid-semester will be required to pay the full fees and charges for the semester.


There are legal stipulations that provide for scholarships for those studying at Bern University of Applied Sciences. Very helpful information on the scholarships available in Switzerland can be found at

Grants, loans and other funding options

Financial aid is available through grants and loans. Grants are one-off or ongoing payments that don’t usually have to be paid back provided you complete your course. Loans are one-off or ongoing payments that must be paid back after you finish your course.

Cantonal grants

Grants and loans for Swiss students and overseas students are generally paid out by the canton where the students’ parents are tax residents.

Students who have been tax residents in the Canton of Bern for at least two years are able to apply for cantonal grants and loans. Applications should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at the Department of Education.

Further information (incl. financial aid calculator):

The websites, and European Funding Guide cover all the key information about grants in Switzerland and overseas.

Foundations and funds

There are also numerous private foundations and funds that offer financial support to students. The electronic foundation directory administered by the Federal Department of Home Affairs offers a comprehensive summary of these organisations and can be searched by keywords (e.g. student, research, financial aid, etc.). Other sources of funding include the foundation directories for individual cantons and private foundations.

The following foundations offer funding specifically to BFH students and students from other universities:

Swiss students have to complete compulsory service while studying too. Make sure you start planning and coordinating your studies and compulsory service early.

We strongly encourage you to complete basic military training and your first block of civilian service before starting your studies. If you complete these activities during your studies, you may miss classes. As a result, the duration of your programme may increase.


You can get help with coordinating your studies and your compulsory service from our team of advisers.


Would you like to get to know us better?

We regularly hold information events for the Master of Science in Business Administration. In due course you will find the information here.

If you have any questions, please contact the head of the study program directly for an individual consultation.

Student counseling

If you have any questions regarding admission, study content or the compatibility of studies, career and private life, please contact the head of the study programme or the Student Services.

For further information

Information events

Location(s) + Facilities

The campus at Brückenstrasse 73 in Bern is in the Marzili quarter, within walking distance of Bern's old town and the main railway station.

Getting here

  • Brückenstrasse can be reached from Bern train station in 10 minutes on foot. 
  • From Bundeshaus-West, the Marzili funicular railway travels down into the Marziliquartier located on the river Aare. Brückenstrasse is located 450 meters away from the station at the bottom of the line. 
  • In the evenings (from 20.37), the number 30 bus runs between the train station and the Marziliquartier (Dampfzentrale stop). 

Directions by car: 

  • Take motorway exit 12 Bern-Ostring and travel towards Zentrum. On Freudenbergerplatz, turn right on to Ostring. At the roundabout, take the second exit on to Thunstrasse. At Thunplatz (roundabout), take the second exit on to Jungfraustrasse. At the end of Jungfraustrasse, take a left on to Marienstrasse. Take the right turn on to Schwellenmattstrasse. Travel over the Dalmazibrücke bridge, take the fourth exit on the roundabout on to Aarstrasse, make a right turn on to Brückenstrasse. 
  • We regret that no parking spaces can be provided for students.


Bern University of Applied Sciences
Business School
Brückenstrasse 73
CH-3005 Bern

Phone        +41 31 848 34 00


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Theses 2018

Bachelor's, master's and diploma theses can be found in the Swisscovery catalogue.