Dossiers of BFH Research

The Research Commission of the Bern University of Applied Sciences is working on the following dossiers:


BFH supports the exchange between projects conducting research in the context of digitisation, promotes individual digital skills and contributes to the development of organisational structures that enable digital transformation to be actively shaped. 


Implementation and redesign of further training formats, which contribute to: 

  • digitisation enabling our research 
  • researchers being empowered for digitisation 

Research and innovation

Promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action is a key objective of BFH’s educational and research mandate. In cooperation with the BFH Entrepreneurship Office, the dossier develops a profile and measures to distinguish BFH as an entrepreneurial university. 

The dossier analyses the initial situation and establishes a framework for corresponding cultural development. This is based on the following questions: 

  • Which BFH departments could assume an active pioneering role? 
  • Which resources and competences can the university provide for students? 
  • What infrastructure is required? 
  • Can research institutes or research groups with a strong practical basis also develop an entrepreneurship culture or be managed in an entrepreneurial way? 

An international outlook

BFH positions itself internationally as an attractive research partner and research location. 

The international outlook dossier promotes cooperation and exchange between researchers from different countries and universities. 

We ensure that international calls for tender are accessible to BFH researchers and that interested parties receive competent support in the call for tender process. 

Career advancement

Employee development for mid-level academic staff is a high priority at BFH. The career advancement dossier presents a number of current measures based on mid-level academic staff concepts from the individual departments. 


  • The University of Bern has been open to graduates from universities of applied sciences since autumn 2019. The new options that will result from this in the field of PhD studies are currently under consideration. 
  • Support for prospective doctoral students by means of start-up funding for the development of third-party project applications. 
  • Presentation of an audience award for the best dissertation pitch as part of the “BFH Researchers’ Day” on Wednesday, 3 May 2023. 

Project-linked contributions (PgB)

On behalf of the federal government, swissuniversities promotes strategic projects at Swiss universities that serve to develop new skills. They are based at one or more universities at the same time and are funded equally by the federal government and the universities (project-linked contributions PgB). 

We inform the departments of the PgB projects and support those who are involved in the conception, implementation and quality assurance. 


BFH is participating in the following projects in the 2021-2024 period: 

  • PgB 1: Mobility Funding for Doctoral Students and Further Development of the 3rd Cycle 
  • PgB 4: Swiss Learning Health System 
  • PgB 6: swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network 
  • PgB 7: Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in University Development 
  • PgB 8: Reinforcing Digital Skills in Teaching 
  • PgB 10: Continuation and Expansion of a National Network to Promote MINT Education 
  • PgB 13: AGE-INT – International Expertise in Switzerland for “Innovative Solutions for an Ageing Society”